Are you frustrated that your home was on the market but did not sell?  I have found that the reason a home has not sold is due to three things:

  1. Condition- The first reason your home may not have sold was due to the condition of the property.  Did the carpet need to be replaced, but you didn’t want to put the extra money into the home?  Was each room in the home painted a different color but you didn’t want to hire a painter?  Sometimes doing some minor improvements to the condition of your property can be the difference between your home selling or being rejected by the market.
  2. Price-  While you may feel your home is worth more, the market ultimately determines what price a home will actually sell for.  Sometimes pricing your home too high to start can prevent the home from being sold.
  3. Marketing- How did your agent market your property?  Did they place the home on all the major online outlets?  Did they have the power of the #1 real estate company in Myrtle Beach driving the marketing of your home? What kind of database did they market your home to?

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